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#26: Udemy's Gagan Biyani shares the future of online learning - Cohort-Based Course (CBC).
Episode 2624th January 2021 • Neville Medhora Talks Copywriting • Neville Medhora
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Gagan Biyani is a founder of Udemy, a $2billion platform that lets people sell courses online. Now he’s building a cohort-based courses (CBC) platform. Make sure to subscribe for more videos like this:

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00:00 Introducing Gagan Biyani founder of Udemy

01:05 What are Cohort Based Courses and how do they work?

03:48 The pro’s and con’s of cohorts and communities.

07:43 Putting deadlines, goals, and specific outcomes on cohorts & communities.

13:32 The “tool stack” to build a cohort or community, and why not Facebook?

24:44 How do you keep a community of people engaged?

Topics we cover in this awesome interview:


• Are courses evolving into communities? I foresee all courses having a community component within 2 years.

• Evolution PDF’s → Videos → Access → Services → Community → Done for you.

• Are course communities just turning into SaaS companies?

• Do cohorts need to have a specific topic and a specific deadline?


What are the tools needed to create a cohort based platform?


• What are the biggest problems you see with communities?

• Why can’t people just do this on Facebook Groups?

• How do you keep a community engaged?


• How is this different than college, grad school?

• Can you explain these platforms?

• Examples of good cohort communities? AltMBA?

• Why cohorts?

• They emulate the college model.

• Lots of buildup then enroll. Hard deadline. Everyone on same page.

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