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The Healer's Journey: Overcoming life's challenges using Conscious DreamWork & Energy Medicine with Amanda Lux
Episode 15th October 2021 • A Lone Traveler's Guide to the Divine • Amanda Lux
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Turn your life's biggest challenges into initiations on your healing journey using conscious dream journey work, dream interpretation & energy medicine.

Episode Summary

We are all on our own hero's journey but some of us are also on the healer's journey. In this premier episode of A Lone Traveler's Guide to the Divine Podcast, your host, Amanda Lux shares the following:

  • Some juicy tidbits about Amanda's healer's journey beginning in childhood and the trials that became initiations to help her learn and grow.
  • A dream about clearing throat chakra blocks
  • The Elemental DreamWork process which is a unique form of dream interpretation combining conscious dream journey work and polarity therapy (a holistic form of body and energy work).

  • How sometimes our scariest dreams are actually power dreams in disguise.

As the episode unfolds and Amanda walks through the elemental dreamwork method while sharing her dream, a potentially life altering healing process also takes place which demonstrates the power of listening and sharing our dreams.

This episode is marked explicit, not because of language, but due to the mildly disturbing nature of the dream which could be considered explicit for sensitive listeners.


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