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327: An Easier Way to Refer Out Clients with Anna O’Brien and Jim Pasquarella
13th October 2022 • Selling the Couch • Melvin Varghese, PhD
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I think often about legacy in providing STC as a resource for our field and being of service to our colleagues. The same desire for a lasting legacy drives me to connect with good people who are doing great things in the world, which is what this podcast is all about. Today’s conversation, with two of those good people, focuses on a common issue for clinicians in referring out clients. If you are looking to do referrals in a better way, this session will give you valuable information. Join us to learn more!

Our Featured Guests

Anna O’Brien 

Jim Pasquarella

Anna O’Brien and Jim Pasquarella live and work locally in the Philly area as a clinician and commercial real estate developer, respectively. They have created a resource called The Consult List, which addresses a common problem for clinicians. “Referring out” clients to other colleagues is something every clinician faces, but what’s the best way to do it? 

Anna and Jim will share with us how they created The Consult List for clinicians to use in making sure the clients we serve are getting appropriate and helpful referrals. This resource allows clinicians to harness the power of their community and streamline the referral process. They will explain how the resource handles issues like data privacy and protection, and we will discuss how they are monetizing this free resource.


You’ll Learn:

  • The story behind The Consult List and how it came to be as Anna and Jim teamed up to improve access to mental health services
  • How Jim’s efforts are inspired by the memory of his mom’s tireless dedication in caring for others
  • How Anna and Jim met through the shared vision of making a vacant building into an affordable wellness center to serve the local community
  • What The Consult List is and how it helps clinicians with referrals
  • How the client can interact with The Consult List
  • What a prospective clinician would have access to on The Consult List in keeping safety and privacy in mind for the prospective client
  • How the location parameters are set for clinicians and clients on The Consult List
  • Why The Consult List is free in its essential version and offers a premium membership with extra features
  • How data is protected on this referral platform

Mentioned in this episode:

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