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10 Podcasting Myths De-bunked!
30th March 2023 • Legit Podcast Pro • Gordon Firemark
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In this episode of Legit Podcast Pro, we’re debunking ten common myths about podcasting, and giving you the reality behind them

00:00 Cold Open

00:13 Intro

00:34 Welcome 

01:00 Myth #1 - Podcasting is for techies only

01:30 Myth #2 Podcasting is dying out 

02:17 Myth #3 Podcasting is only for long-form content

03:01 Myth #4 Podcasting is only for entertainment

03:27 Myth #5 Podcasting is expensive

03:57 Myth #6 Podcasting is only for milennials

04:24 Myth #7 Podcasting requires a large audience to be successful

05:14 Myth #8 Podcasting is only for English speakers

05:37 Myth #9 Podcasting is only for the U.S.

06:04 Myth #10 Podcasting is oversaturated.

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09:00 Wrap

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