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Revelation -- 17
Episode 174th March 2021 • The Book of Revelation • Michael Joseph Mouawad
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The Book of Revelation #17

The four riders have been sent, and now Christ opens the fifth seal. Souls from under the altar raise their voices in prayer. What are they doing under the altar? What is the meaning of their prayer?

Furthermore, they are told to wait a little while until the number of their brethren is complete. How long? Is this about the end of the world?

Once more, the four senses of scripture and the Covenant come to our aid, and when combined with the prophets and the Liturgy, we can form a sound understanding of this text that applies to us today and enrich our lives and our faith.


  • What is the meaning of the rainbow that appears behind the throne of God?
  • Why are the souls under the altar given white robes?
  • Do souls in heaven have a body to cover with a white robe?