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In the Key of Q - Dan Hall EPISODE 8, 4th May 2021


‘People are allowed to make mistakes. I make mistakes every day. I think we just need to be more open to the idea of growing as people.’

Jsky is known for his brilliantly inventive outfits, charismatic personality, and celebrity-filled address book. He fronted Channel Four’s controversial reality series Naked Beach and featured in the long-running series, First Dates. He has released two 6-track Eps, Reality in 2019, and this year’s Á La Mode.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this singer is a typical reality-TV show fayre. Behind the public face is a thoughtful man with much to say on issues such as body image, cancel culture, and the racism and homophobia he has faced in Manchester’s night-time economy.

Jsky can be found Spotify, Apple, Twitter, Instagram, and at his online home.

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