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Parenting from the same page
Episode 43rd January 2023 • Fostering Marriage • Joel & MaryBeth Fortner
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In this episode, we discuss being on the same page with your parenting in your Fostering Marriage.  

  • We cover the importance of same-page parenting
  • How to be unified instead of creating division
  • How to make sure one spouse doesn’t feel left alone or left behind
  • How to make better decisions together
  • How to create consistency for the child
  • Why being a predictable parent is so important for your kids

Parenting approach

  • This begins with your mindset
  • Remember your marriage is team #1
  • Ask questions to gain perspective to understand view points
  • Be flexible to change if an approach isn’t working
  • Extending grace is paramount especially when you’re new to fostering and related stressors

Keys to practice

Discussing parenting approaches beforehand

  • Discipline
  • Praise
  • What if more support is needed once you have a placement?
  • What support systems can you use? (i.e. respite, family, friends, babysitters, etc.)

When you're in the thick of it.

  • Understanding one another and their point of view and factoring in and gaining perspective and asking questions to see where they are coming from and why they are suggesting what they are
  • Having humility/ communicate with love
  • Seeking out information from other people/resources
  • Discipline/Choices and consequences - Recommended Read - Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control
  • What direction do we want to go? Be willing to change if it’s not working.

What about when we’ve talked and we just don’t agree? 

  • Can one parent be willing to try the other parent's approach? 
  • What are the objections? Have you talked enough and gotten to what the real objections are?