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How to become non-reactive
Episode 3111th April 2023 • Deep Resilience • Melli O'Brien
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As we build our mental strength, thoughts or situations may still arise that trigger emotional reactions so intense we feel out of control and unable to think or behave rationally. Discouraging as they may be, these moments, when we most need to find our centre and be present, are opportunities to really put our mental strength to the test. When our awareness and objectivity are hijacked by strong emotions, how can we respond, rather than react, with clarity and calm?

In this episode of Mentally Stronger, I explain the neurological relationship between this emotional reactivity and the nervous system, its crucial role in our survival and its implications in our modern daily lives. I share psychiatrist Dan Siegel’s evidence-based ‘name it to tame it’ technique and demonstrate its use to substantially reduce the intensity of an emotion and allow you to find the space to speak wisely, act deliberately and stay cool under pressure.

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