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Against the Grain with Giannuzzi Lewendon: Episode 2 – "Preparing for mergers and acquisitions"
Episode 21st June 2021 • Against The Grain with Giannuzzi Lewendon • Informa Markets
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There may come a time where your natural products company considers a merger with another company, or maybe an acquisition for an offer that's hard to refuse. These situations can be complex, however, with plenty of details that need to be worked out to ensure that you, your brand and your employees are protected. Having the right partner to help the merger or acquisition go smoothly is critical as the next major chapter of your company arrives.

In the second episode of Against the Grain, partners Kara Posner and Anthony Iuzzolino of law firm Giannuzi Lewendon talk with New Hope Network's Jessica Rubino about the important details surrounding potential company acquisitions and mergers in the natural product industry and how a good legal partner can enhance brand value for these transactions.