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An Interview with the Chief Marketing Officer at Circuit City, Victor Elmann
Episode 1130th June 2022 • Winning Digital Customers • Howard Tiersky
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"it's not all about digital or all about a website, but recreating that in-store experience as well." Howard is joined by the Chief Marketing Officer of Circuit City, Victor Elman. Victor shares what caused Circuit City to go out of business and how it was able to rise from the ashes.

Digital experiences can make different products look and feel the same compared to the sense of discovery you can get from an in-store experience. Find out what trends a large retailer like Circuit City are discovering and how they can tie the in-store and digital experience in this episode of Winning Digital Customers The Podcast.

Winning Digital Customers | The Podcast focuses on stories of digital transformation, told by the people who led them. The podcast covers a range of topics including digital transformation, enterprise strategy and innovation, customer research, design thinking, agile practices, journey mapping, and other related ideas.

The podcast is based on Howard Tiersky's Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance. Tiersky lays out a simple but detailed five-step methodology that any company can follow to align their teams around a vision for the customer experience that will maximize their competitiveness in the market, identify the quick wins that will help them out of the gate, and ultimately drive the transformation needed to bring their company into alignment with today's digital world.

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