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Prioritizing Mental Health and Antiracism in the Fashion Industry with Adwoa Aboah
Episode 212th November 2020 • At The Table with Alaa Murabit • Alaa Murabit
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Adwoa Aboah is a fashion model, an actor, and an activist. Creating Gurl’s Talk, an online forum where young women can connect to discuss many issues without judgement in a safe environment and the #CreativeTogether Initiative for battling anxiety in this Covid era, Adwoa has proven herself to be a strong dedicated woman. Gaining control over her own mental health issues, Adwoa has become a role model and pillar for improving diversity especially in the fashion industry.

Being At The Table means:

“Coming with my full self and all the parts that make me who I am. So that comes with opinion and speaking up for what I believe in and all the different layers that make me who I am.” - Adwoa Aboah

Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Adwoa’s journey from being lost and not feeling heard to creating Gurl’s Talk, an online forum where girls can share without judgement or taboo
  • Putting personal judgments aside to meet with the community at the ground level of emotion and understanding and empathy
  • Speaking to a unique audience (fashion industry) about mental health and racism
  • Working for diversity in fashion and not accepting tokenism in any shape
  • Battling mental health issues in a time of isolation
  • Adwoa’s advice for those dealing with mental health issues
  • And More…

About the Guest:

Recognised as a ‘Next Generation Leader’ on the cover of Time Magazine, 27-year-old activist and model Adwoa Aboah has become internationally renowned for her unique talent and fearless leadership. Adwoa’s ground-breaking modelling career and tireless advocacy through her mental health organisation Gurls Talk has elevated her to be one of her generation’s most influential voices.

About the Host:

Alaa Murabit is an award-winning medical doctor, global security strategist, women’s rights advocate and United Nations High-Level Commissioner on Health, Employment & Economic Growth and Sustainable Development Goal Global Advocate.

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