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Creativity with Joan Virginia Allen
Episode 13812th December 2022 • Lets Be Honest Before We Start Pretending • Kelly Mobeck
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Do you ever wonder if you are creative?  I hear a lot from people that they do not believe they are creative and I am here to tell you we are human, and human’s create.  Creativity shows up in so many ways and creates possibilities.

Today I am so excited because I have a FAN favorite guest coming back on the podcast, Jon Virginia Allen is back!  Remember her from Season 1? I know you do, well she is back and has some really exciting updates and thoughts on creativity that I know will spark the creative flame in you!!

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Here are the highlights from this episode:

(03:54) Dynamic ageing

(06:36) 78 years young

(12:31) Getting excited for life again

(16:48) Go 10 or go home

(21:28) Launching a magazine to inspire others

(27:57) Breaking down the ‘dynamic ageing’ stigma

(32:56) Watch this space in 2023....

As mentioned in this episode:

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Episode 12: Age is Just a Number with Joan Virginia Allen

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Hey everyone. I'm Kelly Moak, a coach and a leadership trainer, and I'm super passionate about helping you find out who you are authentically as a leader, own it, and go out and make an impact in your life and the lives of others. This world needs your leadership, your gifts, your unique brilliance, and I believe that real leaders don't wait.

They create, I know firsthand that life is gonna throw us curve. That we're gonna doubt our greatness, our ideas, and our contributions. And my goal is that you believe in yourself beyond reason. And I get to be a coach and a champion for you each week so that you feel inspired, motivated, and most important in action toward your unique impact in this world.

So let's jump in. Hey there everyone. This is Coach Kelly and welcome to episode 138 of, let's be Honest, before we start pretending. Yes, please. I am so excited today, you guys. We have a fan. Favorite guest coming back on the podcast, Joan, Virginia Allen of Dynamic Aging. Do y'all remember her? Do you remember her?

I, I know a lot of you are like Jones back because she's back. She was in season one, I believe. I believe she, I wanna say that Joan was episode 12. Age is just a number, and in fact I will make sure to link that episode in our show notes so that you can refer to that because that was a dynamic episode.

Also, I have had so much feedback from having Joan, Virginia Allen on the podcast, so many of you were inspired by her that. I had to bring her back and she has updates. You guys are gonna be so excited. She has updates. So I'm excited because we're gonna, you know, talk about her updates. We're also gonna, you know, hear from Joan on her thoughts on creativity that I know we're gonna spark the creative flame in you too, because this month is about creativity.

So before I bring Joan on, I wanna just quickly remind you that lift. Registration for our cohort that starts toward the end of January is open and there is that early bird discount that's happening now, and it's happening through midnight December 26th. So, um, the link is in the show notes. You can click on that, you can read more about it, you can set up a clarity call with me if you like.

king to design what's next in:

Thinking on that, thinking on that, sometimes that makes this go. I don't know, but usually that's a yes. And here's the thing, do you love collaborating with highly committed and motivated women? If the answers are yes to those, this is a hundred percent for you. We have a year's worth of real women and real results, and you're gonna hear more about them.

up a clarity call. Let's go.:

And like I said before, she is a fan favorite and so I wanna remind you all that Joan Virginia Allen is. A coach, she believes that age is just a number. She believes that we can be, do, have whatever we say we want whenever we choose to make the commitment and take action. Yes, please. Oh my goodness, she's such a great coach for that.

Joan has coached me, uh, myself, so I can vouch for her effectiveness. She's a certified dynamic aging life coach, and her purpose as a coach is to create a connection with you. So that you can explore, find inspiration, and be empowered in finding your path to your best life. As a dynamic aging life coach, she creates space for her clients where they can explore whatever they say they want in their lives, and as a result, they get to.

Take action no matter what the age. Can you tell that Joan is not about limitations? That is a true story. She is happily married to her soulmate, who is the wind beneath her wings, and she has four beautiful children and eight amazing grandchildren. Ah, so good. I can't even tell you how excited I am to have Joan Virginia Allen.

Back on the podcast. I know what she's up to. I cannot wait for all of you to hear what she's up to. And we're gonna have a great conversation about creativity too. So, Joan, welcome back. Welcome back. How are you

today? Thank you, Kelly. It's really a thrill to be back with you. You know, I love your podcasts and so it's always a treat to have the opportunity to get on here and to share the time and space with you.


I was. I'm so excited you're back. And you guys, here's the thing again, remember I said Joan is not about limitations and she's all about commitment. So Joan is a little under the weather right now. So you might say Joan doesn't sound exactly the same as Joan did from episode 12, and it's true she doesn't.

How, however, she. Feels great and is ready to have this conversation. So I acknowledge you, Joan, for, you know, being here out of your commitment to really having a great conversation. Thank you. Thank you, Kelly. So can you remind our friends? Can you give a little background, you know, I could hear your story, your journey to where you are now.

I could hear it every day. Can you share and remind our friends a little bit about your background and what you.

So I used to be an attorney and um, then I left that profession. And when I turned, gosh, when I was the same age as Grandma Moses, I love that analogy. So she was 78 when she started painting.

And at 78 I. Collaborated on our, our book, which has been very popular all over the world. It's called Dynamic Aging, simple Exercises for Whole Body Mobility, which I wrote with three other friends, all of us in our seventies. And it is really, and, and Katie Bowman, of course who is our mentor. Uh, and it has been a hit 45,000 copies.

Translated into five different languages and uh, a lot of people really loved that. Anyway, by the time I got to 80, I thought, well, you know what? I need to do something else. I really wanna make a difference in the world. And I noticed that my daughter, Cammy. Came McLaren of McLaren Coaching was doing that as a life coach.

And so I thought, I said to her one day, you know, I would like you to teach me to be a coach. And as a result, she says she started McLaren Coach training and I was her first enrollee. Mm-hmm. . And that was, I would say that was a real highlight for me because it literal. Transformed my life. First of all, it was very special working with my daughter.

That was very special. And even if it hadn't been my daughter, the whole experience of coach training, the way she does it, the one on one, the personal, the year long, not only teaching the skills, but also the interpersonal is so. Incredibly amazing. So when I came out of there, I never went to become a coach.

I said, and then I came out of there and I was so curious because she was starting a group of, uh, of, of graduates who wanted to go in. Create coaching businesses. And so I thought, well, I don't wanna miss anything. So I signed up for that and yeah. And so five months later at 81, I had my first ever my very own business, and it has been successful and most important, it has really been fun.

A hundred percent. And I, I literally got to witness Joan go through all of that and got to be with her. As a matter of fact, she and I both go back and support Cammy's coach training and while we're on that subject, I feel, I feel like I wanna tell you all as of the day that we're recording and by the time this air.

There's only two spots left for her next, her fourth class of coaching. Why am I driving

transformation transformative. Transformative Coaching Essentials and this year will be 20 people in this cohort. This is going to be an amazing cohort.

Seriously, and thank you for that. I literally just said that earlier today and then right in that moment I was like, why did I draw a blank?

It's not a problem because Jones here and she always fills in my blanks. It's so perfect. Um, yeah, it's gonna be her fourth class. There are only. Two spots left. So for those of you who have ever thought about being a coach or learning, you know, this whole podcast is about taking the lead in your life. So also as a leader in your life, having those skills.

Remember what Joan said, she never intended to go in. And become a coach until suddenly she did because Joan's always looking at what's my next right? Two spots left. I will make sure to link this in our show descriptions too. Um, if you want to have any sort of clarity call with myself, with Joan, we're happy to do that cuz we believe in it so much we're supporting this worth class, by the way, um, we'll be at the very first weekend.

You'll, you'll see us all throughout at, at at various points. So anyway, we digress Joan, but since you brought it up, I wanted to plug it and you'll know Cammy, she's been on this podcast several times. She is my accountability partner. She is an amazing, and she is a brilliant coach trainer. So highly recommend.

Okay, Joan, since we have this theme of creativity this month, I would love to hear what does creativity mean to. .

You know, when you asked me that question, I thought about it and what came up for me is creativity means creating something that didn't exist before. Mm.

Mm-hmm. Boy, that sure rings true of possibility, doesn't it?

Yes, yes. Unlimited.

Yes. Unlimited. Unlimited. And that's something I think we have is we have unlimited possibility. And so many times I will hear people say like, I'm not creative. Well, we are creative. We all have that potential. If you believe in possibilities, creativity will certainly move you there.


Yep. Yeah,

absolutely. So great. So great. Now I know that you love adventure. Okay? Joan loves adventure. , there's no, no question. I am constantly inspired by your adventures and, and one in particular that always just moves me is your love for hiking as well. Where did you get to be creative in some of your hiking endeavors, particularly in this last.

should ask. So in October of:

So I said, what is. That would get you excited again about life. And he said, oh, you know what? I would really like to go back and hike Vernal in Nevada Falls in Yosemite National Park. We done that about 25 years ago. I was amazed, but he was serious. He told both of his doctors and they gave him clearance.

one year, starting in May of:

and he's gonna say, I don't wanna do this anymore, or I would say it. And so I said, why? Why? This is what we're going to come back to. Every time when you say, I'm too tired, I'm gonna ask you why. Why do you wanna do this? Mm-hmm. , he was very clear. He wanted to find out, he was curious what he was capable of doing post hip replacement.

And what he was able to do at his age. Mm-hmm. . And so we began and I brought that up to him many, many times. Anyway, then this past May, he and I, we finished up, wrapped up Cammy's last session of her coach training and he and I headed for Yosemite. And we decided to do a test run. And so we hiked all the way to the top of the falls and backed down for a total of 10 and a half miles.

m, we climbed an elevation of:

Cannot believe that we did it. So the most creative thing about that was that we actually created something where there was nothing before. Yep. We had, yes, we had done the hike before, but never. At 84 and 86. Yeah. And the funny thing is on the trail, many people who. Older would stop him and say, ah, how old are you?

That one guy was in his seventies and he said, oh wow. I guess I could keep going for a while yet , so he was, he was also inspirational to many of the people. ,

right? Yeah. And I think that when we, this story gives me goosebumps. I love this so much. And I remember when you were training for it, I remember reading your blogs.

I remember when you guys did, you did the thing, your commitment, you did it and how and, and it, yes, it was hard and. You know right now Joan and I can actually see each other. And if you could, I just want to describe to you the pure joy on her face when she shared like, yes, it was hard and we did it and we looked at each other and we remembered why we were doing this in the first place.

And we absolutely created that. We were creative and we created. And then there were people along the way who were inspired. Remember what I told you, Joan is not about limitations. Not about limitations and all about possibility, and it is incredible what you guys created from that. Absolutely.

Congratulations again. I'm just Thank you. Thank

you. Thank you, .

I'm just saying it's amazing. Now, listen, Joan is an amazing coach. I personally have been coached by Joan and created. I think all the results that I absolutely set out to create with Joan because she is masterful at assisting us to remove limitations.

Remember, she is all about possibilities. So Joan, I would love for you to share with our friends, you know, where do you help others, you know, clients and and fabulous human beings as a coach harness their creativity versus their limitations. Where do you help them?

I think. That one of the big keys to me is setting an intention.

Mm-hmm. , I think many times, much like setting your purpose, your why. Mm-hmm. , your intention might be considered the same, uh, but it's knowing what is it? That I intend to do, like with the hike, we intended to do the hike. And then the component parts of that intention are, first of all, what's your commitment, what's your level of commitment on a scale of one to 10?

Mm-hmm. . So if Willis and I had said, well, Let's see, maybe we'll do a seven. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And then maybe we wouldn't have done the hike. Mm-hmm. . But we set it at a 10. We're doing it no matter what it takes. And by the way, I had a physical setback six weeks before we went. Yep. And could not carry a backpack.

And so I went with a waist pack in six weeks, I changed that. So anyway, getting back to this, so there's commitment. What is your commitment? If you're not willing to commit an 10, don't bother. And then the second thing is taking action. What is the action? That you're going to take because life's gonna throw obstacles and it's a, this is where you get to be creating, just like I said, physical injury I had to be creating.

Yeah. What is another option? And it worked even better than a backpack. Um,

can I just jump in super quick here? Notice what Joan is saying, if she would've stuck to her limitation of I can't wear a backpack and was not committed at that level. Level 10, and you guys will decide what your levels are. For Joan, it's a 10.

Some go, you know, to five, and your five is a 10. Okay. So what Joan said is, Listen, you gotta be at what your full commitment is, and you've gotta know that number. If it's anything less than that, don't bother. You're just not ready yet. You're not ready yet. Okay. Yeah. And so what I love, Joan, that you shared is where you tapped into creativity, meaning I was not able to wear a backpack instead of like, oh, well, I guess I can't do it because your commitment was 10.

And for you, that's your top number. You got creative and created a waste pack, which turned out to be even better than a backpack. And that's the piece that I think we miss a lot is we, we, when we're so stuck in that limitation and not tapping into our creativity, we will not like, we can't even imagine what's possible.

And you just illuminated that, like, guess what? The waste pack was awesome. What was awesome about that? What was better about that for.

Oh, it's smaller. It's smaller. It doesn't pull on my shoulders. It's, uh, fits very tidy around my waist. It just looked out Oh, so much better, much lighter in weight, also.

Amazing. And you, you, if had you not been in creativity and possibility, you would've missed that. Yep. Yep. That's amazing. Yeah. That's amazing.

Yeah. Yeah. So then the, the final part of intention for me, it's commitment plus action, and then the last component is magic. And that's what happens in the universe.

It's like the universe then conspires to make it happen for you. We went on different hikes as we were training and it was amazing the things that would work out for us. Like I remember we were. Trail, a very narrow trail and there were bicyclers on it, which was terrifying. Oh wow. And what was very cool is we had a bicycle who said, I'm going up the way you're going.

I'm going to mention to other bicycles, Hey, we've got people hiking up behind me. Take it easy. Watch out for them. Oh yeah, that's great. Great. So yes. So there's all kinds of magic that happens. And even for us coming back down the falls Trail, It was very long, very tedious, very tiring. We were exhausted, and yet magic happened because somehow we had the energy to continue on.

Mm-hmm. . Yeah.

Mm-hmm. . The energy, the fortitude, the commitment. That's amazing. That's amazing. Magic. I love. I love magic. Right? And we forget that we can create magic in our lives every single day. Every single day. It's incredible. Joan, that's awesome. Yes? Mm-hmm. , I, speaking of magic, I know that you have recently launched.

Wait for it everyone. Drum roll please. You've recently launched a magazine. A magazine. That is so exciting. Congratulations. Can you tell our friends what the magazine's about and what the purpose of the magazine?

You bet. So after we did the hike, I wanted to write an article because I thought at our ages, and I, people told me that's inspirational.

And I thought, you know, I would like to inspire other people at any age who are thinking, wow, I wonder if I can do that. And I thought I'd like to write an article. And what I found when I looked for venues, there were places I could publish it. and I wanted a venue that would particularly appeal to people who are older.

By older, I mean there's no set chronological age, but it's basically where you are choosing to do things. At the age you are at that, you know, society might say, oh, you might be too old. Mm-hmm. . And so I thought, wow, there's a huge gap in our, um, I don't know, in our world. I want something that, that, um, Honors and respects and encourages people who are doing things to be able to share that with others in order to change the paradigm of aging so that instead of, oh, you go up on a bell curve and you reach a certain age, whatever that is, and then it's all downhill from there.

Instead of that, what if you could go. Straight up your first 20 years and then straight out as long as you wanted to. Yeah. Whatever that means to you. So it may not be hiking or falls, you know, it might be mentoring a grandchild. It might be, uh, one of my friends got a dog at 73. Um, in fact, the people who are contributing their stories to the magazine are doing exactly that.

So anyway, I talked with. Willis and I worked together on it and got one of my coaching colleagues, um, Sylvia Fox and her husband Michael. Mm-hmm. , it's Gerald, and they're both editors, and they said, oh yeah, we'd love to do this. They're in their seventies. And so the way we went, we did whatever it took and, uh, launched on November 1st.

We launched our first issue online. And it's, uh, . It is doing so well. I think the most exciting thing about it is that we feel we are paying it forward. Mm-hmm. for those who are younger than we are. Mm-hmm. , we are setting examples in all different ways of how you can continue with your life in the way that you choose to, so that you are changing the paradigm of aging.

That you don't buy into that at a certain age. You have to. Or you should give out.

Yeah, no, should on ourselves. Y'all, we did a whole thing on that. We did a whole thing on that. That there's nothing great that comes from should I love this so much and I, I read it and it's fantastic. And we are gonna link it in the sh we're gonna link it in the show descriptions too.

And it will also be on my website as well. And I, I'm always so inspired when I hang out with you, Joan, and I love that. The four of you decided, let's pay this forward. Let's create new possibilities for people not buying into, which is goes right back. Right back to what we were sharing in the beginning of the podcast and what episode 12 was all about is age is just a number.

It's what you decide, it's what you decide, it's what you make of it, and there are unlimited possibilities out there for you. You get to decide. So I love that you all are paying it forward and creating. Possibility for anybody of any age to decide what, where they're gonna get creative, what possibilities they wanna create, despite any sort of limitation that they perceive or possibly even have.

There's always something more for you.

Ah, and we are inviting everyone to please take a look at it. I think you'll enjoy the stories. Yeah. But please consider Contribut. A story to it. And if you're nervous, oh, I'm not a writer. See there is that, oh, I'm not creative. Yeah, yeah. But we have ways. We have ways.

One of our editors has said, if somebody has a story but they don't know how to write it, she'll be happy to talk to them and help them write it or write it for them. So that's amazing.

And. Is that Sylvia? Yep. Yep, yep, yep, yep. Amazing. And another, another amazing coach and human being right there. Yes. Yes.

So how, how are so, so people are able to submit, submit articles, which is incredible, and, and, and you can be a part of this mission. So how can they do that? How can people. Articles to you. So

you check out the website, dynamic Aging for life, and you go to pitch us a story, which is another way of saying, tell us a story.

Mm-hmm. . And so tell us what you'd like to write about. Mm-hmm. , this will be a fun thing to do. And then let us know if you need. Tell us what your idea is and just say, Hey, I need help. Would someone please contact me? Otherwise, also, if you're, if you're a youngster and you're thinking, well, I'm not up to where I'm dynamically aging yet.

Well, you are, trust me. Yeah. Because once we're born, we're hopefully dynamically aging. Yeah. But maybe you have a grandparent so that you would like to write about and you can collaborate with them. Oh, and pay them some honor and.

I love that so much. I love that so much. You know how many of you listening when you heard Joan say, pitch us went, and then immediately she busted that stigma by saying, which simply means tell us a story.

Tell us a story. We all have stories or we've all heard stories like Jonah is saying from grandparents and things. Where can you share? Because I believe, and this is why, one of the many reasons, I was so excited to have Joan back because she's such a contribution. I believe that's, that's why we're here, is to contribute to each other and create more possibility in this world.

So I love that. Joan, I think, also said how you can find it. She, she, she shared that with you. It is going to be in the show notes as well. And on my website, so please, I encourage you, jump in with her cuz jump in with, jump in. Jump in with the team. There's four of them. They're amazing. Wow.

One, one other thing I wanted to mention is that because people have a picture of what Dyna may have a picture, what dynamic aging looks like.

I have friends who are in assisted living facilities. Mm-hmm. in residences, and I am approaching. About writing what dynamic aging means to them in that environment. Mm-hmm. , and it is fascinating. Mm-hmm. because just the fact that they come out of their rooms and they meet with one another, and then they, the one friend of mine I could not even get together with for lunch for like six weeks because her schedule was so full

That's awesome. What she's doing. Yeah. So believe me, there's dynamic aging going. Everywhere. So just keep our eyes open.

Yes. Oh, I love that. Keep your eye, you heard it from Joan. Keep your eyes open. Oh, I love that so much. Now you also have something very creative and super cool that um, well hold on, I wanna leave this part for the like grand finale.

So hold please. I actually want to ask you about, cuz I know you've been cre, she has a lot of creativity going on, just so y'all know. I was about to ask you about something coming in January Jones, so you know what I was about to ask you about, but I wanna, I wanna end on that cuz it's pretty amazing. Not that any of this is not amazing, it's just, it just keeps getting more amazing

Okay. So I've heard you've been very created and have created an exciting workshop. Can you share about this workshop that's coming up?

Yes. So with my coaching colleagues, Sylvia Fox from the magazine. Mm-hmm. and Pat Malandra also from Cam. Coach

training. Another amazing coach.

Yep. Yes, yes. And so we've created a workshop, a half day workshop called Dynamic Living.

Dynamic Aging. What else? Opening the door to possibilities. And it's a three parter. The first part I talk about the foundation. Dynamic aging, which I believe is genuine curiosity. Mm-hmm. , learning how to be genuinely curious about what is going on in people's lives. It's not about what kind of ice cream you like, but rather it's about.

What is, what is it like for you when you want something and things get in your way? Mm-hmm. genuine curiosity is the key to that. Then carrying that theme through the other two segments. Sylvia does an awesome one with visualization around your relationship with your body. You know, once we turn, I don't know, 20 or whatever, our bodies begin to change.

Mm-hmm. , and sometimes we really fight. And we don't like it. And so no matter what your age is, you may have an opportunity to develop a better relationship with your body. And this is the, this is how she will guide you using genuine curiosity. And then finally, pat has this awesome segment on Imagine Creativity.

Yeah, I love it. So it, and it really, it goes to what you're talking about is that we say, well, I'm not creative and. Creativity comes in every kind of form. What I said before, it's creating something where there was nothing before. And an example is can be like being a mentor to someone. They didn't have this skill.

And now thanks to your help being a coach with someone, which is more of a partnership. Mm-hmm. and actually. Being creative about how you work with that person. Mm-hmm. . So creativity and using the genuine curiosity. So anyway, the workshop has been very, very popular. Mm-hmm. . And if you're interested know of an organization that you think would be interested in this, just contact me.

I love that. She'll pass you on.

Is this is the workshop live.

Yes. Well, it can, it can be, let, let me put it this way. Yes. It's live. Mm-hmm. . So if it's where, where we are, like we're all over the country. Pat's back east. Sylvia's up in Oregon. I here in Southern California. So it can be live or it can be streaming or it can be, parts of it are live in, parts are streaming.

Great. Great, great, great. So see all sorts of possibilities. I am not surprised . That's awesome. That's really cool. Okay, so I was building this up a little bit more, but I, I am so, everything that Joan does always inspires me and empowers me, um, so much. And also not judge me. So many people, um, that have gotten to know Joan, and I know so many of you who have listened to Joan, so you're gonna love this.

You are gonna love what Joan is about to embark on. Joan, I, I've built it. I've, I've keep saying it. Can you please share? I I'm gonna be quiet, Joan, please. What's coming? What are you starting to create in

January? Well, I decided that it was time to write my memoir, and so mm-hmm. , I've never done this before, and I wanted structure, and so I found a program online where they will give me the structure to write a 60,000 word memoir.

Wow. In six months. Wow. And what I'm going to do is I, I didn't understand, I thought a memoir was the story of your whole life, but in fact, it's picking. An, an event in your life and building the story around that. And so the event will be the hike that Willis and I did this past May mm-hmm. because it is really the centerpiece thus far of everything that has, that I've been building towards in my life.

And yeah, I'm, I'm very, very.

I am so excited about it too. I cannot wait. I will be first in line. I would like an autograph copy, just so you know and all and truly I would love to bring you back once you're complete with that so we can talk about your experience and where you really tapped into being creative in again, creating from nothing.

Right? Not nothing. Yes. You've had some events, so there's that, but like not letting yourself believe that you couldn't write a memoir and really. Giving yourself that permission to step into that, which again, is gonna be such a contribution to anybody who reads that. So, Congratulations. I am so thank you.

Excited. That is gonna be incredible. Incredible. And um, I can't wait. I can out Wait, Joan. Thank you. You're welcome. Oh my gosh. I was like, when you shared that, I was like, what? This is amazing. Like I said, you never know what's coming next from Joan, Virginia Allen. Just know that. Right. It's just so amazing.

So amazing. So Joan, what are some of the ways people can work with.

People can work with me by coaching. So coaching is if you go to my website, dynamic Aging for You can contact me, read more about what I've done, what I'm doing, what my, the testimonials of people I have coached. Mm-hmm. and am coaching and contact me by email.

It's, uh, Joan Dynamic Aging for the number four life. Mm-hmm. dot com. And I will offer you a free complimentary coaching call so you can experience what coaching. Feels like what it sounds like, what it's like for you. Mm-hmm. . And then you can decide what you wanna do with that. You can also, if you know of an organization that's interested in the workshop, perfect opportunity.

Again, contact me, Joan Dynamic Aging for Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And. For whatever reason, go ahead. Contact. I love it.

I love it. I love it. All of that's going into the show notes and so don't feel like you have to memorize it in this moment. Um, again, I've worked with Joan. Coach Joan, and she's been a tremendous resource in my life and so many others.

I trust her 110% and like I said, have always been inspired and empowered by Coach Joan. So I cannot thank you enough, Joan, for being here today and sharing your updates, what you've been up to, what you've created from creativity, from nothing. Creating possibilities and where you continue to pay it forward and, um, contribute to everyone.

Truly, everyone, congratulations on all of your success. It's truly incredible, truly incredible.

Thank you, Kelly. It's always a privilege and an honor to share space

with you. Thank you. We're gonna get to share a flight soon too, coming up in January. I cannot wait. I can't wait. You should see what Joan and I create 30,000 feet in the air,

It's amazing. Amazing. All right, so all of this information, again, is gonna be in the show notes. Please check everything out that Coach Joan has going on. I think that you will. So inspired by reading the magazine and for those of you who are like ready to stretch outta your comfort zone a little bit and wanna contribute, do it.

You will be so happy. You did. You will be so happy. You did. So, Joan, thank you again for being here. I love, I could listen to you all day long and I really appreciate you taking that time, especially being under the weather. You're just like, oh, let's do it Anyway. Let's go. Let's

go. . All right. Thank you,


My, you're welcome. Feel better real soon. And remember, everyone, we have a choice to lead our life. Or follow our circumstances. Be inspired by what you've heard from Coach Joan today. Because we do not have to follow our circumstances. We can create from nothing and we can create all sorts of possibilities.

And life is about knowing your passions, your purpose, your values, and creating that impact in your life and the life of others. And what we know is who emerges from taking the lead in their lives, they're authentic, they're vulnerable, they're courageous, and they are slaying the outcomes that they want in their life.

And it does not always look the way we think it's supposed to. Remember Joan was gonna wear a backpack on that massive hike and she created a waste pack. How great is that Turned out to be a whole different possibility. So what does that tell us? We get to trust that more. Always revealed as we move forward.

So remember, take those pauses, let go of worry, let go of doubt and truly live fully the best version of you. Thank you so much for listening today. I know there was great value for you and um, have a great week ahead and you know the drill. If it's not shaping up the way you want it to take the lead and create a fantastic.

I will talk with you all next week. Thank you again, Joan, for being here. Talk with you soon. Thanks for listening to another episode of, let's Be Honest, before we start pretending for more resources on taking the lead in your life, head over to Kelly j and connect with me on Instagram at Coach Kelly moc.

If this episode was helpful for you. Please feel free to share it with friends. Rate and review it on iTunes. That's Apple Podcast now, and at any time feel free to connect with me and let me know what you want to hear next or what you're working on. I'm happy to help. Thanks again for listening, and here's to you taking the lead in your life.