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Finding Clients Starts with Knowing Who You’re Looking For
Episode 514th February 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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When I had my knee operation, why did I see a physio who specialised in knee rehabilitation? When my chimney leaked, why did I find a roofer rather than a general builder? It’s because I wanted an expert in the area to solve my specific problem.

As practitioners, we can help lots of people in lots of ways. But, we’re working and marketing online more than ever before, having a focussed niche is even more important.

When people are searching for help, they’re very specific in what they ask Google – think back to your last few searches.

  • (02:34) What is a niche
  • (03:39) Using your discipline as a niche
  • (05:42) Niches are more than demographics
  • (07:28) The ideal niche
  • (08;20) What if you're just starting out
  • (10:01) Your ideal client
  • (10:52) Building your reputation

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