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Amazing (Literally) Founder: Jason Katzenback
Episode 337th August 2023 • Business is Good with Chris Cooper • Chris Cooper
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Jason Katzenback is the cofounder of, a company that did $45M per year selling on Amazon.

As you'll hear in this episode, Jason--an early seller on Amazon--quickly flipped his niche skill into coaching others. He took the time to figure out something that made him a lot of money, and then multiplied that knowledge by helping others do the same.

Jason was actually a client in my gym when Amazing was starting to form in his mind. He'd talk about shooting videos in his basement and producing content, but I didn't get it (and I was too chicken to go and see, or too time-pressed to really dig in.)

A decade later, I was riding in an Uber in San Diego with some huge SaaS founders. We were going to dinner, and one of them casually mentioned "Katzenback". That's not a name you forget, so I locked in on the conversation. They were talking about, and their massive Summit events with very high-level guests. I was shocked to hear it was the same guy.

We reconnected when Jason sold, left Austin to return home to Sault Ste. Marie and agreed to do this show. It's an amazing story, but it also includes some great little nuggets to help any entrepreneur.

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