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“Micro Decisions” that Make You or Break You
Episode 3913th April 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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In today’s episode we are talking “Micro Decisions”.

Those moment by moment, second by second -choices we make on a daily basis that either MOVE us toward the life we desire or Break us + DISTANCE us from it.

Whether we think about it or not, each day is simply a long series of micro-decisions - many of them made unconsciously and trained into our psyche and nervous system.

Last episode we discussed the importance of asking a clear + powerful question in order to get a clear and powerful answer.. 

The next step is the KEY though. 

What do we CHOOSE  - based on that answer? Do we talk ourselves out of the answer? Do we choose to believe it?

Do we freeze, flee, fight or lean in?

It takes trust to move forward and TRUST itself doesn’t happen overnight.

To trust is a decision.

To love is a decision.

To enjoy something is a decision.

These things are cultivated and nurtured in motion.

They are TRAINED into our lives through action and

To act is a decision. 

Micro Decisions shift EVERYTHING:

  • Our Energy
  • The Direction we are going 
  • What Opportunities come to us 
  • What Doors Open + Close for us
  • Whether we move in Flow or Against Friction

28:45 Micro Decisions can cost us dearly - our  Energy + Productivity + Creativity + Life + Joy when they are unconsciously made from a place of fear, anxiety, mistrust, doubt, or disconnection.

This Episode Unpacks:

  • The Micro Decisions that we make on a daily basis that MAKE or BREAK us.
  • Making Decisions NOW that move you TOWARDS the Answer. 
  • Moving In FAITH.
  • Getting around the immovable obstacles in our lives.
  • Making Micro Decisions based on the moment and not the future. 
  • Practical + Tactical Micro Decisions.


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