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Episode 3826th April 2021 • The Shop and Chivalry Podcast • Brian Belford
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Shop and Chivalry Podcast. Today I talk with a good friend of mine, Joshua Toellner. Joshua is one of the brightest, most hilarious, outgoing, and loving people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Mr. Toellner and I met in South Georgia, where we were stationed as air traffic controllers. We have numerous similarities. We both started in maintenance, we promoted at the same time, we share similar views on organizational management, use of technology within organizations, and the overall profession of arms. We have our political, ideological differences, but that has never affected our interactions. In fact, Josh and I have a strength of being able to talk about difficult things from an open-minded and vulnerable perspective. We discovered the recipe for true open, mutual discourse.

Josh and I bonded over a terrible organizational structure in South Georgia. From Machiavellian tyrants seeking to influence the operation of an organization through subversive means, to witnessing the physiological effects of poor management and leadership, and even having to help people avoid killing themselves due to the poor working conditions. Our outward care for our fellow peers, devotion to our job, and willingness to sacrifice ourselves to help keep others sane—much less alive—yielded us a brotherhood we will never lose.

Josh and I talk about many things. We discuss the role of race and gender in the Air Force, we talk about our experiences in South Georgia and the life that follows. We have a few laughs along the way as well. He’s one of my favorite humans alive. I love this dude. Everyone please welcome, Joshua Toellner!!


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