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Design Thinking and Ikigai with Brittany Arthur
Episode 1530th August 2021 • Ikigai with Jennifer Shinkai • Jennifer Shinkai
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When Covid hit, Brittany found herself locked out of Japan, her usual country of residence, where her home and her business are located. 18 months later, she is still waiting to be allowed to enter Japan again but this has not stopped her from keeping her business moving forward even if it means waking up at 2 am to lead a workshop for clients in Japan. I hope Brittany’s story will inspire you to take another look at your own situation and use Brittany’s design thinking insights to redesign your Ikigai.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What happened when Japan closed its borders to foreign residents and how Brittany overcame this challenge
  • How the pandemic has given Brittany a chance to define what it is she loves about her work
  • Brittany’s top tips for using design thinking to help you identify your Ikigai 
  • Why it’s important to give more time to define the problem before you look at solutions
  • How we can make a prototype of our Ikigai and why it’s important to go through iterations that have a set time frame

About Brittany

Brittany is the co-founder of Design Thinking Japan and the host of the Business Karaoke Podcast and Business Karaoke MeetUp. She is passionate about curating a community of global leaders who exchange stories to modernize the dialogue around business in and with Japan. She also specializes in facilitating Human Centered Design workshops for the Japanese market. These workshops support organizations and individuals to ignite innovation and creativity to achieve business impact in our ever-changing world.

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