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How Culture Kept Us In Coaching
Episode 15424th July 2023 • Coaching the Mental Game of Softball • Mental Sweet Spot
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Coaching is hard. You know what I mean. Not the on-field stuff.

It's the attitudes... The lack of competitiveness... The people talking smack about how you're doing things. It can be draining.

Honestly, that kind of stuff can make you want to quit. Alicia and I have certainly both considered it. Many times.

But what keeps us coming back? What keeps us grounded, confident that we're on the right path, and unshakable despite other people's opinions?

Hands down, it's Culture.

This is what we want for you and why we're hosting the Softball Coaches Culture Bootcamp. Tickets are available by the time you're hearing this and we kick off Monday, August 7th. And BONUS - Lonni Alameda will be joining us for a Q&A too! Head to to learn more. Now onto the episode!


It is my most sincere wish for EVERY softball coach to feel the way Alicia and I do when we reflect on our careers this far.

If we could reach every coach who truly cared about their girls and wanted to help them grow as PEOPLE... And we could give them the confidence and clarity we have now...

We could positively impact MILLIONS of girls.

That's why I want you Softball Coaches' Culture Bootcamp. To learn more, head to