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Preventative Healthcare and Longevity Medicine | Dr Sonal Taylor
Episode 825th September 2020 • Medical Matrix • Carmel Sound Lab
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What you do to your body today will certainly impact your health in the future. In our currently illness-motivated world, patients expect healthcare systems to treat diseases, but are not focused or interested in preventing them. Now, add the COVID-19 pandemic to the mix, which has highlighted the entire spectrum of bad habits in the lifestyles of millions of people, that have ultimately led them to be exposed to the risk and lethality of the virus. The entire world has been allowed to pause for a second, and it is crucial for patients and healthcare professionals to shift their mindset into a more preventative one.

Dr. Rosie Sendher is joined by Dr. Sonal Taylor to discuss the importance of preventative health, longevity medicine, and the changes we, as individuals, can make to impact entire systems. Dr. Sonal Taylor is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Asheville, North Carolina, and has over 16 years of experience in the field. She is a preventative healthcare advocate and living proof of the effectiveness of longevity medicine, since she has reduced her biological age by 10 years. With a passion for these unexplored branches of the medical field, she’s excited to help her patients and listeners transform their lives through her advice.


  • Functional Medicine Study at Cleveland Clinic:
  • Open Path Collective:
  • In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan:
  • How to truly feel joy by practicing gratitude with Brené Brown:
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness:
  • Dr. Valter Longo’s Fasting Mimicking Program & Longevity:
  • Wim Hof’s Cold Therapy:
  • The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung:

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