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How to Generate Multiple Income Streams with Hallie Bulkin
Episode 167th September 2020 • SLP Money • Utterly Financial
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My guest on this episode is Hallie Bulkin, the CEO and Founder of a private practice called Little Sprout Speech, LLC. Her business has been incredibly successful as it has doubled annual revenues in each of its first 6 years. As her practice continues to thrive, Hallie began to diversify her revenue by introducing an online course and a membership community.

Hallie and I discuss the following...

  • How she grew her practice revenue from $0 to $100,000+ in her first 8 months of business
  • Why business owners must be nimble and flexible to account for unexpected life events
  • Her insatiable desire to learn about specific disorders led to her focusing on a niche
  • The financial investments and capital requirements she needed to launch her online course

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