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Canadiens Connection - Rocket Sports Radio EPISODE 96, 8th August 2020
Habs Advance to the NHL Playoffs | Canadiens Connection ep 96
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Habs Advance to the NHL Playoffs | Canadiens Connection ep 96

Welcome to the Canadiens Connection via Rocket Sports Radio. This engaging podcast featured on All Habs Hockey Magazine connects Habs fans with their beloved team from a source they know and trust.

Canadiens Connection is hosted by Joe Whalen (@JoeWhalen19) and Rick Stephens (@AllHabs) with contributions from Chris G. This talented team of credentialed journalists come together to share their valued insight.

Canadiens Connection is just that – a connection between fans, journalists, players, coaches, management to thoroughly discuss their favorite game in an informative, thought provoking, and entertaining way.

This Week’s Show: Game Action!

Segment 1: Week in Review, Habs News, League News

Following the Canadiens 3-1 series win over the Penguins, the guys review two of the biggest questions that were posed in last week's episode. Can Carey Price steal the series? Who will be the difference maker for the Canadiens?

They said what? Quotes from players and coaches including Carey Price, Shea Weber, and Sidney Crosby on the series. 

Impact of the Coronavirus. The guys share their thoughts on the other qualifying series and round robin, the NHL's effort to localize the arenas, and the upcoming draft lottery.  

Segment 2: Reviewing Pens / Habs series

Chris and Rick review the Habs qualification round series against the Pittsburgh Penguins and look at the big questions that faced the Canadiens . Can the Canadiens defend two elite centres? Will the Canadiens' special teams be a difference in the series? The guys also tackle new questions coming out of the series. 

Segment 3: Have Your Say

Social media reactions to the Canadiens win. 

Listener's calls and texts

Bad tweet of the week

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