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Freedom, Responsibility & Trust in Tough Times // with Cheryl Spalding (Mom Who's Been There)
Episode 826th October 2021 • Know Them, Be Them, Raise Them • Carmelita Tiu
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What if your daughter decided to move out at 16? Our first “mom who’s been there” guest is Cheryl Spalding, a midlife empowerment coach.  Now a mom to two daughters in their 20’s, Cheryl and host Carmelita Tiu talk about raising girls through tough times, what worked for her, and more.

Cheryl shares:

  • What her parenting approach was like, and her relationship with her daughters now
  • How she handled her daughter moving out in her teens
  • The importance of trust and reasonable boundaries
  • The one thought she wants to share with all moms

Some key takeaways: Find allies you can rely on to help you through hard times. Allow freedom with reasonable boundaries. Instill in your daughter the trust that in her freedom she'll make the right decisions.

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Know Them, Be Them, Raise Them

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