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Emotional Potty Training; How to Heal, Feel and Navigate Emotions with Rachel Kaplan | FTW Episode 15
Episode 1511th August 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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Rachel Kaplan is a licensed psychotherapist and the creator and host of the iTunes acclaimed New and Noteworthy podcast The Healing Feeling Sh*t Show. Rachel has dedicated the last 25 plus years to relentlessly studying healing after she lost her first love to suicide at 14. After scouring the world's healing technologies ranging from the spiritual practices of East Asia to the cutting edge trauma resolution techniques of Western Psychology, she found that the true secret to healing is as simple as going to the bathroom. In addition to her thriving private practice based in the San Francisco bay area, she offers her lighthearted but precise and effective approach, what she calls Emotional Potty Training for Grown-Ups, through her podcast, group courses through the emotional Sh*t Show, and is working on publishing the book version of season one. She invites you to join the feelings movement to collectively reclaim your natural ability to feel and have emotional resilience: the new happy!

After meeting Rachel at a podcasting event where she passionately expressed, in front of a room filled with at least 100 people, that she had a podcast called the Healing Feeling Shit Show which focused on emotionally potty training people, I WAS HOOKED. In this conversation, we discussed how to become emotionally potty trained or said another way, how we can learn to heal, feel, and embrace our emotions. Make sure to listen to the end to hear her #1 tip for taking on your emotions more powerfully.

Much Love and Peace be with You!


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