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Live from the Afterlife - Randy and Elissa Bishop-Becker EPISODE 52, 16th March 2021
Rachel Maddow Style Program on Finite versus Infinite
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Rachel Maddow Style Program on Finite versus Infinite

here it the text of this conversation:

“And now, a treat. Eri will pretend to be Rachel.

“Hi, folks at home. This just in and I don’t know what to make of it. I think I understand but then I get to a point where the best I can do is just shake my head. So here goes:

“It seems that we all are locked in finite existence. I know I am and assume you are, too. What I have been told is that of course the physical realm is finite but hold on to your hats… the spiritual realm is, too. But there’s more. Only at this complexity and those simpler. We can’t say for sure about more complex levels. So this is what we have obtained from reliable sources of more complexity. I have the transcript and I will try to read it but I have been told it has been dumbed down for me. They really know me! I took three weekends how to use a paddle. Susan was screaming at me ‘Like a spoon, not like a knife.’ I finally got it and let’s see if you get this.

“Can we have the graphic. Of course, the graphic is in 3D. Height, width, time, and we will see how much depth there is. Could get to 4D but I have my doubts. Ok. Here goes. The concept of the infinite is unable to be understood completely by finite beings. So, they create concepts like Creation and God--things which transcend finitude. But if you and I as mere finite beings try to fully understand infinity, we are like Buzz Lightyear: ‘To infinity and beyond!’ We even make infinity finite.

“So, the report continues with some redactions. ‘In the beginning’… then something redacted… ‘and it was good.’ And then in a footnote: ‘There was no beginning.’ I think that ‘in the beginning’ was part of the dumbing down.

“So, here’s what I take away from this. I and you cannot perceive infinity because we are locked in finite existence and understanding at this level of development. And I am guessing this means that at the most differentiated level of being finite means just one. We are now where we can talk about billions of stars and even trillions in debt. But the distance from one to trillions is just a start on the journey of infinity. Stay with me here. If this is true, and our next guest will tell you why it probably is, then at some level of complexity greater than one and less than infinite, we begin to get glimpses or cracks through our finite understanding. I’m not good at math so I’ll leave that to others but the question I have: Are we now at one of those glimpse moments or are we just at a level that is cracked? Stay with me and I will come back after the break with our guest who is an infinite spirit and you will hear me ask them if they can stay for a few more questions and they’ll tell us they’ve got all the time in existence. Lawrence, we may run over. Watch this non-defined entity existence.

“You take something for your joints and you take something for your mind, but what about your spirit? And so it goes.

“I hope you can dig out the pith in there. [Thank you, Rachel!!] You bet. Anytime.”