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How to Get Good ROI from Your Book Featuring Laura Gale
Episode 58321st June 2021 • Smashing the Plateau • David Shriner-Cahn
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Laura Gale is a ghostwriter who helps entrepreneurs share their experience and legacy to grow their audience and their business. She has worked with entrepreneurs from all over the world and is a bestselling author herself.

We discuss:

  • How to listen to the market place [01:23]
  • How to make yourself a really obvious choice [04:16]
  • When to [not] use the services of a ghostwriter [05:05]
  • The two halves of the book-selling process [08:48] 
  • The ideal time to spend on creating and benefiting from a book [10:45]
  • Why some consultants and coaches have anxiety around hiring a ghostwriter [13:35]
  • How much a first-time author should think about investing in producing a book 15:32]
  • How to get a really good return on investment on your book [17:05]
  • A space in your schedule and attitude for serendipity to happen [19:56]

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