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This podcast is about the targeting and caging of Ross Ulbrict.

Todays episode of Railroaded is a trailer to introduce you to this series and give you a little back ground on Ross Ulbrct.

Ross Ulbrict's Mother Lynn is joining me to help explain everything.

This podcast series will reveal behind-the-scenes information you've never heard before, and peeks into the inner workings and conflicts in the Silk Road story. 

Lyn Answers the questions:

What was Silk Road? 

What year was Ross arrested?

Did she think it would go so bad for Ross when she first heard about the arrest?

What was Ross convicted of?

What was the penalty given to Ross?

How long has Ross been in prison?

What are people going to find out in this podcast series?

How did this project come together?

I am creating this podcast to help reach a larger audience.

I hope that the more people that know about Ross the better his chances are of being freed.

I personally had nothing to do with producing Railroaded.

It was created by the Free Ross team and narrated by Adrian Bisson.

How you can help:

Sign & share Ross’s clemency petition: Over 170,000 people have signed it so far.

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