188 - Jeremy Miner: Founder & Chairman of 7th Level
Episode 18823rd February 2022 • Success IQ • Geoff Nicholson
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Jeremy Miner is the Chairman of 7th Level, a Global Sales Training company that was ranked #1,232 of the fastest-growing companies in the United States by INC magazine’s list of the top 5000 companies in 2021.

“The single most effective way to sell anything to anyone in 2021, is to be a problem finder and a problem solver… NOT a product pusher.”

For Jeremy Miner, the embodiment of this philosophy has made him one of the wealthiest sales professionals on the planet. During his 17-year sales career, Jeremy was recognized by the Direct Selling Association as the 45th highest earning producer, out of more than 100 million salespeople - selling anything, worldwide! His earnings as a commission-only salesperson were in the multiple of 7-figures, EVERY year.

Jeremy’s unique brand of sales training pioneers the use of behavioural science and human psychology, reflective of his deep studies in the subject from Utah Valley University. Jeremy is the host of the podcast, Closers are Losers, and his new book, The New Model of Selling to an Unsellable Generation - co-authored by Jerry Acuff - CEO of Delta Point, is being published late fall of 2021.

Connecting with Jeremy Miner

If you would like to find out more about Jeremy, then you can visit his website where you will find his social media information and, of course, you can find him on LinkedIn. During the interview, Jeremy also mentioned his Facebook group, which is a great source of information.

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Resources Mentioned during the episode:

  • Sell as Humans (Book) - Daniel Pink
  • Power of the Subconscious (Book) - Joseph Murphy