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Workplace Culture Dos and Don’ts - with Chris Dyer
Episode 4326th March 2024 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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Company culture expert, Chris Dyer discusses his experimental approach to creating environments for better work culture, the pitfalls of AI, and suggests dumping the “one on one.”

In this episode of the Happy Space Podcast, company culture expert and author, Chris Dyer talks about different ways leaders can think about company culture and shares his experimental approach in creating better work environments. Chris gives his take on optimizing the hiring process where leaders aim to be fair vs. equitable, and even suggests dumping the weekly “one on one”. He gives insight into whether some leaders have realistic goals or not, and the tendency for some companies to continually “push” too hard after the pandemic. Other highlights include the irreplaceable value of human creativity and authenticity amidst limitations of AI in replicating human nuances such as humor, inclusivity, and emotional connection. 

Chris Dyer is a recognized company culture and remote work expert. As a former CEO managing thousands of people, his companies were consistently named the best places to work. They have also been named a fastest growing company by Inc Magazine 5 times. Chris routinely consults and speaks, and Inc Magazine ranked him as the #1 Leadership Speaker on Culture. 

He has three bestselling books: The Power of Company Culture and Remote Work, and has been named #5 on the Leadershum Power List, a Top 50 Voice in Leadership, a Top 40 Change Management Guru, a Top 50 Global Thought Leader, and a Top 50 leadership podcast, Top 50 HR Leaders Shaping the Future of Work, and a Top 101 Global Employee Engagement & Experience Influencers by Inspiring Workplaces and Work Buzz, just this year. 

As a keynote speaker his goal is to inspire audiences with a straightforward delivery, insightful candor, and engaging humor. His talks leave audiences permanently transformed, offering innovative perspectives on leadership to improve company culture, and empower organizations to discover new successes. Countless companies have unlocked productivity, performance, and profits by implementing his 7 Pillar Strategy.


00:04:11 How should we be working post-pandemic?

00:05:56 The pitfalls of AI

00:08:21 How will AI affect the quality of work?

00:10:06 Are organizations still pushing too hard post-pandemic?

00:13:38 Chris’ strategy for better work during the pandemic

00:18:16 Fairness vs. equity at work

00:20:20 Chris’ example - military spouses

00:25:00 Bad leaders vs. good leaders

00:28:00 What to do if you’re stuck in a difficult work situation

00:32:10 Why listening is so important in company culture

00:41:35 Shifting from individual therapy to group therapy

00:47:12 Chris’ view on patience in the workplace

00:51:20 Chris’ experimental approach to innovation


Together by Vivek Murthy

The Power of Company Culture: How Any Business Can Build a Culture that Improves Productivity,  Performance and Profits by Chris Dyer

Remote Work: Redesign Processes, Practices and Strategies to Engage a Remote Workforce by Chris Dyer

Ep. 4 - Sunil Godse - Follow Your Intuition as an HSP 

Sunshine Nails by Mai Nguyen


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The Power of Company Culture book - Chris Dyer

Ep. 4 - Sunil Godse - Follow Your intuition as an HSP - Clare Kumar

Sunshine Nails book - Simon and Schuster

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