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The one about the impact of gamification with Claire Addiscott
Episode 1021st March 2024 • Adulting with Ebonie The Podcast • Ebonie Allard
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In this week's episode, I speak to Claire Addiscott, a Learning and Development Coach for Online Course Creators who want to create deeply engaging, motivating and memorable learning experiences for their students. She specialise in gamification techniques, processes and strategies and loves all things Kajabi! This episode is part of our 10 years of Misfit to Maven®️ celebration!!

Listen today to hear:

  • How and why we worked together to gamify Misfit to Maven
  • What we put in so that it'll engage all brain types
  • What different player types need to experience within 'the game'
  • What specifically creates the balance of support and accountability inside Misfit to Maven rebooted
  • What actually goes into making a program magic

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And, in this week's behind-the-scenes 'The Patron Part with Claire Addiscott' You'll hear Claire's thoughts on raising and letting go of children, how she learnt to trust herself and our shared experience of learning to drive.

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Meet Claire Addiscott:

Anyone in the Knowledge Commerce industry knows how easy it is to come up with an idea for a course but also knows how hard it is to turn that idea into something tangible, get it online and sell it to those that need it. Helping you get your ideas out of your head and into a course is what I'm good at. Course strategy and gamification to help you scale and uplevel a course that is already successful is my zone of genius. If you are in either of these two camps, you're my audience.

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