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#20 Your most frequently asked questions answered - Christmas special!
Episode 206th December 2021 • Pets at Home Puppy Podcast • Pets at Home
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Hello, and welcome to this bonus episode of the Pets at Home Puppy Podcast: the podcast that takes genuine frequently asked questions from members of our VIP Puppy & Kitten Club, and puts them to our panel of experts, who give some amazing advice on an array of puppy-related topics.

The stockings have been hung, the tree is up (yay!) and the countdown to Christmas has begun! The festive season is an exciting time, not just for us but for our puppies, too. There are more humans, there’s more food, more fun things to play with… but in addition to all this comfort and joy, there are a few scenarios where things can go very wrong! But don’t worry, a little prep can go a long way towards keeping your puppy out of trouble and ensure that their first Christmas is memorable – in a good way!

Christmas is a time for family, friends and pets! And to ensure it’s a fun, healthy and stress-free celebration for all, we’ve put together this episode, to help prevent festive faux-pas such as your puppy destroying the presents under the tree, and making sure you give your puppy the right festive feast. So, without further ado, let’s don our Christmas jumpers, grab an egg nog and crack on!


Ask the vet - pet safety at Christmas

With family and friends in and out of your home, strange decorations and excitable children, Christmas and New Year are understandably highly stressful and confusing times for your pet. Helping to identify hazards and help you understand how to handle them, we've asked our friends at Vets4Pets to share their expertise.

More seasonal safety advice

Which Christmas plants are poisonous to dogs?

The time of year is fast approaching when people will be filling their homes with all kinds of Christmas trees and plants, from festive Nordic pines through to merry green mistletoe.

If you’re a dog owner, it’s important to know that some of these pretty festive plants can actually be poisonous for your pup. To help you spot which plants to steer clear of to keep your puppy happy and healthy this Christmas, we’ve put together this helpful guide.


How to tell if your pet hates wearing clothes

List of poisonous foods and substances

Puppy treats

Christmas Pigs in Blankets Dog Treats

Christmas Festive Meaty Cookies Dog Treats

Wainwright's Just for Puppy Super Soft Florence Fox Comforter Toy

Puppy food

Puppy’s first Christmas stocking

Christmas Santa Tug Dog Toy

Christmas Yule Logs Dog Treats 6 Pack

Christmas Tart Dog Treats 2 Pack

Christmas Tree Biscuit Dog Treats 

Woof and Brew Posh Pooch Barker Bay 'Wine' for Dogs

Boredom busters

More puzzle toys

Calming diffusers


Bottom Sniffer – beer for dogs!

Chew toys


Gates and crates

Dog beds

Christmas outfits


Christmas gift guide

Dog Coats and Clothing

Christmas Assorted Dog Collar Charms

Snuffle mats

Squeaky toys

Christmas Spa Treatment Groom


Pets at Home’s playlist

One of the things you can do to help keep your puppy calm and relaxed, is the use of music to help distract and mask the loud noises. Sitting and listening to the music together will also help to build on your bond.

Playlist #1: Sonny’s Soothing Soft Rock 

Listen here. 

This playlist includes a combination of soft rock from across the ages, featuring the likes of The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers and John Mayer.

Playlist #2: Rodney’s Relaxing Reggae

Listen here. 

Featuring reggae beats from Bob Marley and UB40, this playlist gives that feeling of being in the sunshine.

Playlist #3: Clara’s Calming Classical 

Listen here. 

Composed of Bridgerton-esque songs with a modern-day twist, this playlist includes hits from Coldplay and Oasis by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra as well as a classic from Beethoven.

It’s important that you’re able to recognise what anxiety can look like in a dog so you can prepare. Common signs of fear to look out for include pacing, panting and barking in dogs. For most pets, a fearful state usually starts with a watchful phase where they will be unusually alert. 


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We wish you and your puppy and very merry Christmas!