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What Is ATS Tracking and How It Works: Learn How to Make It to the Candidate Shortlist - with Michael Yinger (Ep 129)
Episode 12911th April 2022 • The Job Hunting Podcast • Renata Bernarde
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Michael Yingers’s career in supporting the needs of the recruitment and selection function parallels the creation and evolution of the ATS - Applicant Tracking System. So of course, Michael is an amazing repository of knowledge of all things relating to the automation of recruitment and selection of candidates, and in fact both the technological and humanistic side of the entire recruitment and selection process.

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Timestamps to guide your listening:

  • [03:20] The story behind The Job Hunting Podcast
  • [05:54] Michael’s career story and the story of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • [08:11] Types of clients that use ATS systems.
  • [13:39] Michael explains the recruitment and selection funnel
  • [15:50] Comparing the recruitment and selection done by humans vs bots
  • [18:50] What ATS does to your application
  • [19:40] Michael’s recommendations for job candidates on how to comply with ATS
  • [25:45] How should we use keywords in our resume.
  • [26:09] It’s possible to cheat your way to the short-list, but that will not you get the job
  • [30:29] It's important to break out what you're actual doing, instead of a job title.
  • [36:00] Distinguishing yourself into a new industry.
  • [45:00] The difference between the podcast content and my coaching content
  • [45:25] Why the Reset Your Career program may be the right investment for you.

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