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#014: Hiring a Biz Coach: A Candid Conversation
Episode 1418th October 2021 • Talking Small Business • Kat Schmoyer & Megan Martin
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Today, we're talking about all things related to hiring a business coach. As two women who have worked with business coaches and who offering coaching for our own students, we wanted to have a candid conversation about hiring a biz coach. We're talking about what it can really be like working with a coach, what expectations you should or might have, and whether or not you really need to hire one. So let's dive into this conversation and see where it goes! 

  • How to know if you need a course or a coach
  • Why learning a specific skill might be better from a course
  • Kat's approach to being a biz coach
  • Megan's approach to being a biz coach
  • Why you need to know who you're hiring
  • What questions we would ask before hiring a coach
  • Why being confident as a student is a good thing
  • Experiences where working with a coach DID change our businesses
  • Megan: Recapping when she thinks you should hire a business coach
  • Should you complete multiple pieces of education at once
  • Kat: Recapping when she thinks you should hire a biz coach


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