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Our Enemies & Visions and Miracles from the Lord! — PART 3 Follow-on Interview with Dawid Pawlowski
Episode 413th April 2022 • On Fire For God Today •
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This is PART 3, the final part, of a 3-hour follow-on interview between Sean M. Madden, of, and Dawid Pawlowski, of We discuss the enemies of Canada, and the world, yet more visions that Dawid has received from the Lord concerning these wicked last days within which we're all living, and various miracles that Dawid has witnessed during their ministry work in Canada, as well as both the good and the bad stories of folk accepting and rejecting faith in Christ.

Episode Guide

00:00:00 Intro: We should know our enemy!

00:00:30 Look at the Muslim nations — there is no freedom

00:00:43 Native Canadian tribes with bitterness, want revenge

00:01:14 Islam wants to rule the world 

00:01:27 Muslim's Isa is a different Jesus

00:01:37 Slaughtering the people of the Book

00:01:53 Albert Pike and his Masonic letters re: three world wars 

00:02:28 More visions from the Lord 

00:02:57 Another vision in the night (in the West of Canada) 

00:04:37 The prophets and apostles desired to see these days

00:04:54 Raising people from the dead, limbs growing, etc. 

00:05:15 17 years of miracles seen in Calgary, Canada

00:05:47 Dawid's upcoming project to document the miracles 

00:06:13 Prayer request from Dawid re: above project

00:07:57 A remake of "Revival Hits Calgary" of intervening 17 years

00:08:44 A few of the miracles that touched Dawid's heart

00:08:54 The saving of a schizophrenic girl 

00:09:07 Demons don't swear at Allah, at Buddha, etc.

00:10:14 In the name of Jesus, be healed!

00:10:45 The demons are not tormenting me anymore 

00:11:22 The demons use fear/torture to enter a person

00:11:47 Do not fear the things of this world 

00:12:01 Cold baptisms in Calgary

00:13:05 The (winter) water is warm! A miracle of God.

00:13:51 Woman crippled for 28 years stands, walks, dances! 

00:14:28 Stand up in the mighty name of Jesus!

00:15:38 The sons and everybody were in shock 

00:16:12 Testimony in Acts Ch. 3 of Peter and the lame man 

00:17:22 His ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:9) 

00:17:40 The big shots have rejected Him / Building His church

00:17:56 Various diseases healed, etc. 

00:18:30 On a sad note ...

00:20:05 God delivers someone from crack cocaine 

00:20:53 Both sides of the coin / the individual must choose

00:21:11 Woman called by the Lord, but commits suicide

00:21:54 The good stories and the bad stories 

00:22:23 There are so many people hurting 

00:22:36 Unfortunately, not everyone will receive the good news

00:23:01 Our job is to try to reach as many as we can 

00:23:25 The key to gospel ministry

00:23:43 Is it all worth it for one saved soul?

00:24:12 Created in the image of God / Jesus died for that soul 

00:24:26 Gospel workers should never be discouraged

00:24:36 We're not in a position to judge the bearing of fruit 

00:24:46 A miracle in Salisbury, England 

00:28:56 A heart melts, touched by the Lord

00:29:05 The devil coming to take away the seed just sown

00:29:33 None know when that seed is going to fall upon good ground

00:30:10 We have no idea where fruit might be growing 

00:30:40 Be busy as a bee, learn from ants

00:31:00 The priority is to preach the kingdom of God 

00:31:27 We are not called to persuade

00:31:52 It's the message of Jesus Christ that saves! 

00:32:51 Two scriptures relevant to Dawid's earlier testimonies

00:33:20 His voice was like a noise of many waters (Ezekiel 43:2)

00:33:33 Wormwood (Revelation 8:11)

00:34:04 The day of the Lord: a day of gloominess and darkness (Joel 2:2, Zephaniah 1:15)

00:34:28 The worst possible thing you could ever hear 

00:34:40 A closing note of gratitude 

00:36:11 Who do YOU know who's on fire for God today?

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