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REBIRTH. New season, new you.
Episode 3320th March 2022 • Catalyst • Kaylin Dyal
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You are in control of your destiny, and now is the time to bloom.

Truthfully, January 1, 2022 did not feel like the beginning of a new year to me (whatever a new year feels like), and I said to myself that "my new year begins on March 20th," because of the Spring Equinox. Whether you are celebrating the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere or the Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, today marks a new beginning for you. This mini-sode highlights the significance of these seasons and how they inspire our lives, along with the importance of "doing the work" to live your best life. I believe we are all on this Earth together to contribute to a greater world, and that starts with improving our own lives.

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Join me in a fully guided meditation to welcome this new beginning, along with a healing sound bath by LUCIANA. Journaling is strongly encouraged.

Moment of mindfulness: Allow yourself to shift with nature, at the turn of the season.
Visualization: Visualize your ideal spring day. Carry this clarity and feeling of being present with you throughout the day, the week and the season.

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