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157: "Education is only good if you feel liberated because of it." Filipino American History Month Special with Jen, Nani, and Stacey - Part 2 of 2
Episode 19Bonus Episode27th October 2023 • The Filipino American Woman Project • Jen Amos
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157: "Education is only good if you feel liberated because of it." Filipino American History Month Special with Jen, Nani, and Stacey - Part 2 of 2

Happy Filipino American History Month (FAHM)! Jen, Nani, and Stacey return for part 2 of their FAHM special to discuss the importance of mindfulness and meditation when discussing heavy topics related to Filipino American history. Stacey shares the story of Clemencia López, an early Filipina feminist leader, and how bringing these historical figures to light can help process complex emotions. The group continues to discuss ongoing issues in Philippine politics, which includes a message from their podcast editor, Dennis. In closing, Stacey leads the group in a guided mindfulness exercise.

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