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9 Multi-Million Dollar Business Lessons
20th December 2022 • Marketing 4 Business • Scott Wilson
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9 Multi-Million Dollar Business Lessons

In this episode, Scott shares nine lessons he has learned from interviewing multi-million dollar business owners on the Marketing 4 Business podcast.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in 9 Multi-Million Dollar Business Lessons

* Combine Harvester vs The Bailer - the two types of people you need in your business to really grow it.

* Kevin Eder’s Take On How To Get Promoted - what you must do if you want to get a promotion in any business.

* Kanes Killer Customer Service Rule - Kane Lawson's number one rule for customer service. Use this to grow your business's referrals and 5-star reviews.

* The Power of Advertising - Mike James's take on why it’s important to be everywhere and why it’s important to put the hammer down when everyone else backs off.

* Know Your Numbers - why it’s essential to know your numbers and how Brent Selwyn uses the data to out-market his competitors.

* Kill Them With Kindness Mission - the exact mindset and attitude Fraser McKenzie has that will help you need to succeed in 2023.

* AI Is Everywhere - where GPT3 AI technology and the practical use of it for real business that Chris Tacon that every business owner should take time to understand.

* Quality In… Quality Out - Murray Hale's take on why it’s essential to understand business owners and their expectations, so you can really help them win.

* Motivate Your People - Tony Jenkin's takeaways on motivating your people, including the weekly meeting he runs and why it’s important to incentive your people to win.

* Scott’s No.1 Thing - Scott shares the answer to the question he was asked that started this podcast.

If you want to be a better business owner, you should listen to this insightful podcast today.

Enjoy this episode and as always, have fun and take action.

Scott Wilson