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What Works in Accounting with Employer Brand Websites
Episode 895th May 2022 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Episode 89. In today's practical episode, "What Works in Accounting with Employer Brand Websites." In these segments, we pick out key trends and events in accounting and fintech media and analyse/interpret them for accountants in practice.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

⍟ how the future of work and talent has changed for accounting firms and CPAs over the last couple of years

⍟ the drivers behind the 'great resignation' in accounting and finance plus many other sectors

⍟ the percentage of workers who would leave their current employer within 6 months if they were not happy

⍟ the current skills shortage and it's effect on accounting practices in most countries

⍟ the three brands accountants and accounting firms must intentionally build

⍟ the problem with most accounting practice websites and how it confuses people searching for you on Google

⍟ what potential clients of are looking for when they visit the website of an accounting firm

⍟ what potential employees and talent need to see when they go to an accounting practice website

⍟ causes of attrition or staff churn in accounting firms who do not properly look after their employees

⍟ the recalibration and introspection taking place with accounting professionals who are considering career or employer switches

⍟ the importance for accountants of autonomy in their work and having their hands on the steering wheel of their career

⍟ the mistakes accounting firm websites make with poor first impressions and conflicting messages for visitors

⍟ questions your existing employees, team members and staff need to be answering to convince potential hires to work for your firm

⍟ why accountants should treat talent and candidates like clients and current staff


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