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Across the DC-Verse: Teen Titans Go vs. Teen Titans
Episode 316th May 2022 • Yet Another DC Animated Podcast • Forgotten Entertainment LLC
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The podcast may break with this one! It’s yet another bonus episode with Chamar and Andrew as we make another stop on our ride Across the DC-Verse!!

In the multiverse crossover film, Teen Titans Go vs. Teen Titans, the goofy, fun-loving, never serious versions of the Teen Titans meet their more serious counterparts, the same ones who helped shaped a generation of early 2000s comic fans! Like their fandoms, they have to learn to put their differences aside in time to save the multiverse.

As always, we are here to ask the big questions: Does the story make sense? How does it compare to the comic? Is it a good addition to the universe? And most importantly, will Andrew become a Teen Titans Go fan by the end or will this end the podcast?

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