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Episode 326 – Streaming Movies Take On The Physical
Episode 36228th June 2021 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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(1:12) Jarett Charowsky is back! We talk movies, from DVD to Blu Ray, to digital copies versus the Disney+ model. We talk all of the different formats. (20:32) In case you didn’t know, Spotify sucks and we talk about some of the (many) ways that it does. (22:48) FastFret hates movie theatre ads. Why are they there in the first place when you have paid so much to watch the movie in a theatre? We explain the why’s and wherefores. (36:16) Captain Britain is on a tear with multiple Omnibuses on the horizon. There is now a new reprint the Captain Britain Omnibus coming this year. Just what is in that Omnibus? #bluestore #movies #digital #bluray #dvd #streaming #movietheatres #captainbritain #marvel #omnibus Website: Meet The Geeks: @seangeekpodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @toddgeek on Twitter @fastfretfingers on Instagram @ToddGeeks Tech Talk on Facebook @the_real_meet_the_geeks on Instagram @castoshq @mbpodfest