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006. Reinventing yourself when life requires it, with Randy Broad
Episode 62nd December 2019 • Leadership Jam Session • Rob Fonte
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There are times in life when you find you have to reinvent yourself both personally and professionally. Sometimes, it’s needed more than once. In this Jam Session, I talk with Randy Broad, a serial entrepreneur, Amazon best-selling author, and cancer survivor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anticipate the changes that may come and seize the opportunity
  • Consistently reinforcing your vision and values with your employees, including during your weekly team meetings
  • Provide the space your people need to grow their skills
  • Pay your people well, but also know that's not enough
  • The fear of feeling responsible for your people can drive you
  • Trust between you and your employees is critical
  • Different people in your life will help to shape and mold you as a leader; not just those you work with
  • Work-life balance is a personal choice
  • Take the time to slow down and enjoy small wins with your team

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