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[Bonus] Paths to Wealth in Oil & Gas: From Corporate to Entrepreneurship - Ep. 76
Episode 763rd May 2024 • FPOG: Financial Planning for Oil & Gas Professionals • Brownlee Wealth Management
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Today, Justin dives deeper into a topic we touched on a few weeks ago with Nathan—career paths within the oil and gas industry.

Recap of the Three Career Paths:

  • Working at a Major or Supermajor: This path offers a stable and potentially lucrative career, with salaries ranging from $200,000 to $400,000 annually. It's arguably the easiest path to accumulate around $5 million in investable assets by retirement.
  • Climbing the Corporate Ladder or Specializing in Trading: This path can lead to even higher income levels, from $700,000 to over a million dollars annually. It presents a straightforward route to amassing $10 to $20 million by mid-career.
  • Entrepreneurship and Ownership: This involves starting your own business or acquiring a significant stake in a smaller company. While riskier, this path can lead to substantial financial rewards if the business succeeds.

Choosing the right career path in oil and gas, aligned with personal and financial goals, can significantly impact your long-term wealth. Whether you opt for the stability of a major company, the high-income potential of corporate advancement, or the entrepreneurial route, strategic financial planning is crucial.

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