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Dr. Chris Nowinski || Concussion, CTE, and the Future of Sports
Episode 3415th September 2021 • Life Beyond the Game • Joe Hawley
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Welcome to the last episode of Life Beyond the Game! Don’t worry, we’re not really going anywhere, just merging with my other podcast Quantum Coffee. As we gain more clarity on the healing we want to bring to the world, we’ve decided to merge the podcasts and make them more accessible for everyone. So if you’re not already, go subscribe to Quantum Coffee, and strap in for some amazing conversations! 

This week we have Dr. Chris Nowinski on the podcast

Dr. Chris Nowinski is CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation and a social entrepreneur leading a global conversation on concussions, CTE, and the future of sports. An All-Ivy Harvard football player-turned WWE professional wrestler-turned neuroscientist, he discovered the concussion crisis the hard way. A 2003 kick to the chin in a WWE match ended his career, causing post-concussion syndrome and sending him on a journey where he uncovered a public health conspiracy that continues to cost lives.


In this episode, Dr. Chris and I discuss the journey that brought him into the world of concussion and CTE research. We talk about the differences and confusion around concussion and CTE and what the science has been revealing over the last few years. We also dive into the NFL, and how big business and money is a resistant force in spreading this research and saving lives. Any current or former players, as well as anyone who wants to be proactive about their brain health, is going to get a lot our of this one!


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