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Maintaining Morality and Integrity in Business with John Burton
Episode 925th April 2023 • The Ethical Business Podcast • Marmion
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In this episode, Janet and Matt speak to the founder and creative director of Pretty Clever Studios, John Burton.

John explains how the team at Pretty Clever are passionate about maintaining an ethical stance towards business, local communities and the planet. 

During the podcast, John discusses how his journey through education was always backed by a passion for creativity, laying the foundations for his future career in graphic design.

Having discovered the corporate world was not something he saw himself being a part of, John taught himself the basics of graphic design software and began his business journey. 

Since their foundation in 2019, John and the Pretty Clever team have maintained their focus on doing good for local communities.

From working with like-minded individuals who share his passion for ethical business decisions to becoming a B-Corp certified business earlier this year, John discusses his plans of continuing to enjoy business while sustaining a morally focused team.



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