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Secret Sauce & Succession Planning: 100-Year-Old Company
Episode 315th February 2022 • Our Shoreline - Your Horizon • WGRT 102.3 FM
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Join Dan Casey as he talks with Marshall Campbell about the unique aspects of managing a 100 year-old company.

Marshall and Dan talk about:

  • Marshall E. Campbell Company
  • Family owned businesses
  • Succession plans
  • Multi-generational business ownerships
  • LED Lighting
  • Having the support and mentorship of family members
  • Enjoying your work atmosphere and team

"My dad would bring me around when I was little, and I'd go on the counter and I'd play with the products, I'd see the people, and I just loved it. There was something inside of me that always felt like it was right to me." - Marshall Campbell

Learn more about the Marshall E. Campbell Company here:

Learn more about the EDA here: