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Ep. 19 - Andy Sanesi - Drummer!
Episode 1912th October 2021 • Gig Stories with Music People • Evan Mykl Chudnow
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A podcast for musicians, music lovers, and anyone who loves a good story! In-depth discussions about the music industry & gig life with a variety of musicians & creatives from all over the world!


Ep. 19 - Andy Sanesi - Drummer!


Andy is an incredible drummer based in Los Angeles and originally from New York. He's played with everybody, currently touring with the legend Frankie Valli and with Missing Persons! His own band and Blanco Diablo plays at various LA venues like The Mint, Baked Potato, and others. Additionally Andy has played with and continues to play with a seemingly endless array of artists from virtually every genre of music. Some other artists Andy has worked with are Sebastian Bach, Johnny Rivers, LP, Elle King, Post Modern Jukebox, Dave Binney, Oz Noy, Eminem, Rihanna, Arturo Sandoval, Aloe Blacc, John Zorn, Nir Felder, Brian Charette, The Nick Hexum (of 311) Quintet, Nomad Trio with Scott Henderson and Rufus Philpot, The Julian Coryell Trio with Joe Bagg, John Beasley, Tim LeFebvre Doug Webb, Mitch Forman, Bob Shephard, Ben Shepard, Jerry Vivino, Hadrian Ferraud, Steve Weisberg, Hal Wilner, Carl Verheyen, Gryphon Labs, Sonny Liston (featuring members of Suicidal Tendencies) and Brian Baker’s various projects. It was awesome getting to chat with him about music and his plethora of experience. He’s a wealth of knowledge, and you can tell he really cares and takes music very seriously, while still having fun with it!


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