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Interview With Audiologist And Parent Coach, Dr. Lilach Saperstein – Part 1
Episode 7919th May 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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This is my interview with Dr. Lilach Saperstein. Lilach is different from most of the guests I have on this podcast. She’s into the science end of sound as an audiologist, specializing in helping parents deal with hearing loss in their children. Our conversation runs the gamut of talking about the science of sound to chatting about how sound affects our everyday life. She is such a wealth of knowledge and I’m sure you’ll learn as much as I did!

In this interview, we discuss:

  • The newest lockdown happening in Israel
  • Lilach’s background that led her to audiology
  • Her draw to the medical field
  • The integration between education and connection and the medical aspects of audiology
  • The basics of hearing - what exactly is it?
  • All the different causes of hearing loss
  • The processing of what you hear
  • Putting meaning to what we’re hearing
  • Things moving within your ear and how it brings emotional connection
  • The connection of our senses
  • Typical aging of our hearing
  • What sounds we tend to lose with age
  • The options available if you’re losing your hearing
  • Managing your environment
  • Noise induced hearing loss
  • Avoiding loud noises over an extended period of time
  • Protection if you’re going to be exposed to loud noises over an extended period
  • Using headphones correctly
  • Accessibility of content for people with hearing loss
  • Not overlapping music and voice at the same time
  • Creating a positive experience for listeners and consumers of content
  • Speech as humans’ primary means of communication
  • The tie between hearing and smell
  • Properly placed sound effects 
  • Cultural sensitivity to different cultures and the emotions evoked with sound
  • Not talking too fast and yet not too slow
  • When writing copy that will be spoken, say it out loud as writing it to avoid over usage
  • Trying to get people’s attention in those first 3 seconds
  • When tinnitus is a problem
  • What tinnitus actually is and what simple solutions we can use
  • Calming your nervous system

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