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Pedro Calloni: Mixing Pop Vocals, Being a Problem Solver, and the Value of Unlearning
Episode 706th July 2022 • Progressions: Success in the Music Industry • Travis Ference
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Today’s guest is mixing and recording engineer Pedro Calloni. Pedro has recently done mixes for artists such as Gayle, LANY, Sasha Alex Sloan, Chappell Roan, and Joy Oladokun. As well as worked with some of the top music producers in the industry right now such as Dan Nigro and Finneas. We have a great chat about his quick progression from studio runner to label mixer, learning to read a room, the inefficiencies of the record industry, and why it’s more important to aid someone in their musical journey than it is to tell them how it should be done.

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In this episode we'll dig in on...

  • How "being a fly on the wall" can go too far
  • How going on tour to play drums led to getting a mixing break
  • Identifying what is happening and what needs to happen in order to take something up a notch
  • The importance of reading a room
  • Working at The Village in Los Angeles
  • The various states that a song might be in when it comes to mix
  • The Mixer's career path vs the Producer's career path
  • Attending Berklee College of Music
  • How management brings legitimacy to a mixer
  • Mixing songs that blew up on TikTok and had to be done immediately
  • Knowing when it's the time to learn new tools and when it's not
  • Not being starstruck
  • Working fast to follow your instinct

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Guest: Pedro Calloni

Host: Travis Ference

Editor: Stephen Boyd

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