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48. Start Your Own Company & Architect the Life of Your Dreams, with Kathleen Griffith
Episode 484th January 2021 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Kathleen Griffith’s passion is to help female entrepreneurs start their own companies and architect the life of their dreams, a passion she discovered after quite a few twists and turns.

A self-described “totally accidental entrepreneur,” Kathleen is a self-made successful business woman and a leading voice in the women’s space. She is the owner of the female-focused marketing consultancy Grayce & Co, which works with Fortune 500 brands and media companies, and she also funded and founded Build Like a Woman, a global platform providing inspiration, tools, and community for women to rise and thrive in all aspects of their businesses and lives.

What Brett asks:

  • [06:39] Clearly, you were drawn to business from a young age. Do you think it's just how you were born?
  • [12:30] What is your definition of performance and where did you get your drive?
  • [22:15] How did society shape the decisions you made early in your life?
  • [25:50] Did those experiences where you were living a “pretend life” ultimately end up serving you?
  • [31:00] Tell me about when you started feeling your purpose gnawing inside of you and decided to chase it.
  • [49:00] Tell me about what else you’re up to now that you’ve become unleashed

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