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Oxford Policy Pod - Students at the Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University EPISODE 5, 8th March 2021
Gender inequalities and COVID-19: an International Women's Day special
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Gender inequalities and COVID-19: an International Women's Day special

As COVID-19 continues to rage and ravage our communities, the gains made in the past decades towards gender equality are at risk of being reversed. How have women been hit by this pandemic? Which groups of women are most vulnerable? And what are gender-sensitive policies for COVID-19 response and recovery?

To look at the impact of the pandemic on women, our host Sruthi Palaniappan is joined by Amanda Sadalla, a consultant for UNICEF Brazil on fighting and preventing violence against women and girls. To explore this discussion further our correspondent Mayra Gramani engages with Marina Ganzarolli, a Brazilian lawyer specializing in women’s rights and diversity and the creator of the “Me Too Brazil” movement. In addition, to offer an expert glimpse on the pandemic's impact on women in South Asia, our correspondent Nandita Venkatesan speaks with Dr. Dipa Sinha, an Assistant Professor at Ambedkar University in India and a regular contributor on social justice issues, women’s rights and food security.

The executive producer for this season of OPP is Lian Ryan-Hume. This episode was researched and produced by Nandita Venkatesan and Mayra Gramani. And this episode was edited by Allisha Azlan, Lian Ryan-Hume and Sruthi Palaniappan. To keep up with the latest on our episodes, follow us on Instagram @OxfordPolicyPod_ and Twitter @OxfordPolicyPod.