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Business Growth and Sustainability
Episode 516th May 2022 • In Our Words • University Of Wisconsin Extension
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Feel the energy and be inspired by the words of Chris Kimbrough and Walter Matthews, both black entrepreneurs. Together with host Rajon Hall, they talk about business growth, sustainability, networking, setting boundaries, and how entrepreneurs can grow stronger together. 

This is real. This is authentic. This is In Our Words podcast.


03:36 You know, a lot of times people see the shine, but they don't see that grind that comes along with it.

03:56 The biggest thing I've learned about it is believing in myself. That's the biggest thing, believing in yourself and knowing that it is possible. Because sometimes we say that, we say we know it's possible but we really don't believe it. Because when they come we like, it's too good to be true.

12:38 One time when people speak ill of what your presence is and what you're doing in life. It's because it's–it's an insecurity within themselves.

39:55 It's very important because when you operate in your business, or even, whatever you do in life, it's very much important to be yourself. Because if you're not yourself sooner or later, you get tired of being fake, you get upset, but when you are yourself, go like that forever.

48:30 I’d tell the young man right now, man, keep grinding man stop worrying about everybody else. Because everybody else ain't meant to have the same vision as you.


Rajon Hall, MSW - Podcast Host and Real Estate Agent 

Instagram: @BigDreamsRealty

Chris Kimbrough - Owner of STARZ Barbershop (GreenBay). Chris now owns and operates 3 barbershop locations, with his last grand opening on the UWGB campus. Starz Barbershop & Beauty desires to create a family friendly environment, while getting a haircut. 

Walter Matthews - founder of Verdis Concepts & Solutions and Southern Quarters Enterprise, based in Milwaukee, WI. Walter has been in business for 15 years, presenting to leadership teams, businesses and entrepreneurs on integrative mental health and wellness practices, along with many other key topics pertaining to functionality and business effectiveness.